Friday, August 15, 2014

Son trek #2, part four

Part three here.

Photo of the day--Lake from tower:

Design disasters
I know from experience that hotels are designed for taller people.  It's really annoying that hotel desk chairs can often be raised only high enough that the top of the desk is roughly three inches below my collarbone.  But can someone kindly explain to me why hotel beds are so much higher off the floor than the average bed in a person's home?  This hotel takes the cake--the bed is so high that I have to be extra-careful to keep my legs almost straight when getting out of bed in the morning, lest I literally fall off the bed.

And what idiot made the decision to put the only full-length mirror directly in front of the toilet?

I didn't expect a travelogue to become the latest link in my "design series."

Off to check out the neighborhood(s)
First stop:  Meet our son for a quick tour of the physics lab.

Next stop:  Check out the Jewish neighborhood where he's currently living.  We hope to found one of the Conservative synagogues before we have to figure out how to get there for Shabbat/Sabbath services tonight and tomorrow.  And we're hoping to find a kosher restaurant or two, plus a kosher take-out place (so that we won't have to eat canned salmon for Shabbat dinner).  Not to mention that our son tells us that there's a gluten-free bakery in his neighborhood.  Yum!  Later.

Shabbat Shalom.


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